Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Medium Nib Fountain Pen

xezoI don’t know what I wanted when I decided to buy the Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Medium Nib Fountain Pen. I think what I wanted was a sturdy pen that would be easy to write with. However, this was one of my first times buying a fountain pen. Therefore, I did not know much about how they worked. I simply hoped that when I used the pen I would not be disappointed. That’s all I wanted. I think that I was very lucky. Now, that I am online and looking at different reviews for fountain pens, I see that there are plenty of fountain pens that people bought and found to be lacking. However, I bought this pen and realized that I loved it. Perhaps you can say that it was love at first write.

This pen has a very intricate design. The name of the pen actually comes from this pen’s design.  When you look at this pen in the light, then you see why it is called the natural Sea Shell pen. The pen that I have has a beautiful dark green texture. I sometimes found myself simply looking at it from time to time when I took a pause from writing. The design is nice but it does not get in the way of how the pen writes. It is still possible to grip the pen very firmly. You don’t have to worry about the pen slipping out of your hand. Yes, this is pen to treasure I think. I spent a few hours writing with this pen when I first got it. I thought that I would probably get tired of this pen very quickly. However, I found myself enjoying writing with the pen more and more. Quickly and surely, the pen accommodated my hand. Also, the nib of this pen was nice and firm. I think I know the reason for this. The nib of this pen is stainless steel. This means that when you write with it you can press down quite gently and you will see some really nice and dark lines develop. In fact, I found that I was actually begin to write very lightly as time went on. It was almost as if the pen changed the way that I was writing. I didn’t expect that to happen but it did. Yes, this is a pen that inspires you to elegance. I think that when you write with this pen you find yourself wanting to produce words that are equal to the performance of this pen. I think that I lucked out by finding such a nice pen. I didn’t think that it would be as simple as this. Yet, it was. This is a pen that I think I will be using for quite a long time. In fact, I think that this is going to stay with me for quite a while. If you are looking for a well-designed pen that writes extremely well then you should get this pen.

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