Waterman Hemisphere Review – Fountain Pen for the Masses?

watermanhemisphereThe Waterman Hemisphere is an affordable and durable fountain pen perfect for professional writers. It has a slim and stylish body and the metallic color of the pen gives it a nice shiny finish. The nib has a medium sized width that tapers to the end and allows a good flow of ink during writing. The pen has a slightly bulky body that makes it difficult to hold during fast writing; however the overall weight of the pen is acceptable.

Look of the Hemisphere:

The Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen comes in a variety of colors, but personally the one I think of as the most classy is the gray metallic. It has a body made up of stainless steel that is metallic in color and makes it easy to stand out among other pens. The nib is firm and strong but is slightly longer than the other traditional fountain pens, so it may break during fast writing.

The overall length of the body is 6.9 inches and the width is 2.7 inches. It has a steel rim around the cap and the body. The Pen is thick in the middle, which makes the grip on the pen difficult to bear for longer periods. The body of the pen tapers at the end. The other editions of the pen are available with a cap that has straight lines embossed throughout its circumference. I personally did not like this pattern, but it depends on every one’s taste.


Overall, the Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen worked excellently. The pen works great for italic writings and as compared to other bulkier pens, in fact, it’s quite easy to write in slant curved italics.

waterman pens logoThe body is made up of metal which is not a problem even for sweaty hands. The smooth body of the pen allows a good control over the pen. The pen is flexible and works fine with medium rate writers. There is less friction between the pen and the paper; however, I recommend you use it on a good quality paper to increase the life of the nib. Even when your pen has malfunctioned or has broken due to natural causes, there is nothing to worry about, because the pen comes with a Waterman Life-time Warranty. The Waterman service is satisfying and they answer almost all your queries to the use of the pen.

Maintaining the pen is very important for its longevity. Always get the pen refilled with the recommended ink company and clean your pen’s cartridge every week. When holding the pen, apply less weight on the nib which helps the ink to flow while writing.

Waterman Hemisphere Price:

Varies across sellers, but can be available for as low as $54.99. The pen comes in a beautiful gift box with a cap, a body, and an ink cartridge. Make sure you have received your copy of the receipt and warranty card when receiving the package.

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