The Top Fountain Pens for Under $50

sheaffer100If you’ve never used a fountain pen before, or if, much like me, you are prone to losing pens left, right and center, you might want to go for a cheap version. Luckily, there are quite a few pens in the lower price range, which also provide excellent quality and pretty handwriting. Although they may not be what you would class as ‘cheap’, for a fountain pen, $50 is not a great deal of money. Most of the following pens would make an excellent gift for a young person, and may begin a love affair with fountain pens and ink that would last a lifetime. Alternatively, they are also good pens for enthusiasts who want a nice pen for special occasions but don’t use them often enough to justify a large expense.

Parker Urban Black Matte GT Medium Point Fountain Pen Kit

This starter pen set has one Parker Urban Black Fountain pen. In addition, it has an ink bottle, a cartridge converter, and four filled cartridges (two blue, two black). If that wasn’t enough value for money, it also has a small booklet that provides guidance on transitioning to a fountain pen. Parker is, of course, an old brand and has been making pens for over a century, so the quality is guaranteed. Not only does this make a beautiful gift to give a young person, you can but this as a treat for yourself if you’ve decided to start using fountain pens.

Majestic Black and Gold Dragon Fountain Pen Gift Box

I’ve included this because it is simply beautiful to look at, in addition to being a decent quality pen. The pen is quite bulky, so it might not be good for first timers. After your hands get used to lightweight ballpoints, a fountain pen tends to feel heavy anyway, and a bulky one can be a turn off. But for those who prefer bulky pens, this is quite the fit. The golden dragon design is simply gorgeous, and the gift box makes it an ideal gift to any pen enthusiast.

Lamy Joy Calligraphy Black Fountain Pen Red Clip Set

This is a perfect beginner calligraphy set. Lamy makes reliable but reasonably priced pens, which allow them to be a good choice both for a starter pen or a good everyday use pen. This set has three interchangeable nibs, of differing widths (1.1, 1.5 & 1.9 mm chisel point nibs). In addition, because this is a starter set, it comes complete with a very handy booklet with instructions. There is also a set of cartridges included, and a metal gift box that it is delivered in. If you’ve always wanted to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy, this is a superb place to start from.

Sheaffer 100 Matte Blue Fountain Pen

Sheaffer fountain pens are known to be extremely high quality, and are often pretty expensive. However, this is one example of a high quality fountain pen at a very affordable price. The casing is metal and colored matte blue, which in contrast to the classy silver of the grip, nib and clips, it all looks very handsome. The nib is medium wide, although writes a bit thicker than you might expect. It comes with a converter cartridge which can even be filled up with your own ink.

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