The Best Parker Brand Pens

parkerjotterWay back in 1889, a man whose name has become synonymous with pens got his first patent. At that time nobody thought that it could last long but to date almost everyone knows George Parker, the man who started the premium, luxury line of pens that everyone has heard of. Now Parker has been making premium quality writing pens for a very long time. That being said, Parker (being the best pen manufacturer) has introduced many lines of pens, to widen its target market and provide the customers with something in every demographic and for every budget from beginners to pros to calligraphers and more. Even as you read this text you might be having memories about the first time you held your Parker pen in your hands.

The jotter is among the best and definitely most popular pens by Parker, for it is also the best-selling pen of all time. The best thing about the jotter is that it doesn’t cost that much by the standards of the world of luxury and vintage pens, everyone can afford a jotter and it features the classic design built with stainless steel. It comes in different colors like red, black, blue and white, providing something for everyone. The jotter starts from $5.69, and makes a great gift at a great price point for a Parker.

Moving on, the Sonnet line of pens is also one that the brand are proud of. Featuring contemporary design with very fine tailoring topped with contemporary finishing, they proudly boast Parker’s unique and unmistakable design methodology. Exemplifying the exquisite detailing techniques of the detailing of the finely cut 18k gold and the stainless steel nibs, the detailed and beautiful feathering of the iconic arrow clip and its perfect feel in every owner’s hand, the Sonnet is a must have for all and any pen enthusiast. That being said, the Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Gold Trim Rollerball Pen is timeless, but still manages to be of the moment. Combining timeless designs with ergonomics, the Sonnet allows you to write beautifully and it feels very comfortable in your hand.

Moving on we have the Limited Edition of the Duofold Mackie Fountain Pen. Featuring hand painted precious metal dust and a twist off cap, this pen costs an absolutely whopping $2,174. Parker only made 150 of these beauties, so with that kind of exclusivity, who wouldn’t want a premium quality pen by the best pen manufacturer in the world. You’ll have the bragging rights not even the most expensive Parker pen holder will have, if you can afford it that is. With it you can write in style and boast your writing at your workplace.

Now if you are truly a pen enthusiast, and money is not really an issue then the Parker Esparto Gold Fountain is the perfect option for you. Available at a huge price tag of $13,000, the Esparto Gold Fountain pen boasts a swanky solid 18kt gold nib. That being said it is a true wonder pen, for your inner geek it has a Harry Potter Wand, for your inner lady a Mary Popping carpet bag, etc. The best thing this pen brings is a status symbol and the ultimate bragging rights. Inheriting the design techniques evolved over centuries, this pen is a sight to behold. Not only that but it writes very nicely and gives the quality you would expect for this kind of money.

These were some of the best Parker pens from their whole portfolio. There is a multitude of pens that can be considered the best for their design and ease of use but that totally depends on you. You can rely on Parker for quality, and there is a reason that they are probably the most famous brand in the entire world of pens. Now the purchase might be totally dependent on your choice but if you are planning to give away some Parker pens make sure to make the most of your budget and brand the pens.

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