The Best Everyday Use Fountain Pens

Mr animalIn this period of time that could be termed “the Age of the Ballpoint” or even “the Age of the Tablet with Stylus” – fountain pens are becoming more and more archaic. Although you can still find enthusiasts who use fountain pens for personal communications, such as letters and invitations, the everyday fountain pen user is seriously difficult to find. Yet there continue to be people who prefer to use an ink contraption for their memos and messages, cheques and other areas of life where written communication is required. For them, the following collection of hardy, everyday pens are a great idea, combining both quality and longevity.

Parker Vector Classic SS Chiseled Medium Point Fountain Pen

A Parker pen of any variety is bound to add class to your prosaic memos. But the Vector series are ideal examples of everday use pens, which are not only sturdy but also long-lasting. They can take a beating and a lot of overuse but they will not give up on you. This particular pen has a stylish steel look with chiseled pen top, making it look elegant in addition to classy.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Charcoal Broad Nib

Lamy pens are known for their durability as well as their excellent quality. Not only is this pen worth every dollar being put into it, but the characteristic modern style makes it recognizable as a quality pen.

Pelikan P67 A Pelikano Junior Yellow Fountain Pen

This Pelikan pen is perfect for young ones starting out with fountain pen writing. It is good enough to use every day and neither the nib nor the body spoils easily. Can be a little scratchy when used on low quality paper, but otherwise perfect. The chunky feel and the rubber grip mean that it is easily held by smaller hands, and the bright colors in which this series is available make it appealing to children.

Pilot MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen, Matte Gold with Lizard Accent, Medium Point

Pilot pens are usually both cheap and reliable. While most pilot pens are of the disposable variety, these are quite the reusable pens. Not only do they provide smooth writing, but this series of animal collection pens are stylishly made, with ‘accents’ inspired by different animals. It is a useful and good-looking pen for the price.

Sheaffer No Nonsense Fountain Pen

Sheaffer makes high quality pens that are usually very expensive, but this pen is one of the more affordable varieties. While it doesn’t have the classy Sheaffer build, it is nonetheless a very usable, everyday pen. You could lose it and buy another without much heartbreak or hurting your budget.

Fisher Space Pen, X-750 Space Pen, Matte Black

This ‘space pen’ is purported to work in the most extreme of conditions, including outer space, freezing cold or burning heat. Although it is unlikely that most of its users will be in a position to test its usefulness in such scenarios, the pen provides sufficient workability in everyday use. A favorite for the simple person who wants to add a bit of elegance to life.

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