Reviewing the Best Retractable Fountain Pens

pilot caplessWho else hates caps? They get lost; they fall off randomly, and generally get ink on your hands when you try to top your pens with them.  However, when looking for fountain pens, it appears like the best of the best pens have caps. Sometimes, you want the best of quality and convenience. Should it be so hard to find the two encapsulated in one pen? Well, I’ve tried and I have come up with a few pens that I think contain both qualities. I basically chose two fountain pens at both ends of the price spectrum:  The Pilot Capless Decimo Fountain Pen and Namiki Raden Capless Fountain Pen.

The Pilot Capless Decimo Fountain Pen is beautiful object. You would easily guess from looking at it that it would cost double its 150 euros. However, it doesn’t and you are getting an excellent product for a cheap price. I found that writing with this pen was easy and simple. The pen fit very well in my hand and I could right for an extremely long time with it. Also, the pen could write for quite a long time without needing to be refilled. This is an excellent pen. I think that people often see the price and think that the pen cannot be as great as it is because it is so cheap. Well, those people are wrong because this is a pen that is both wonderful to use and look at. If you want something cheap and powerful, I would go with the Pilot Capless Decimo Fountain Pen.

Now, the Namiki Raden Capless Fountain Pen is shiny. Why? Because the shell fragments that are wonderfully finished by hand into the pen. Yes, this is a luxury product. However, that being said, this pen does not feel too delicate. You can really push this pen for quite a long time. I know that I did. I did not need to press too hard to make deep marks, but when I was writing quite quickly the pen moved with me. It may feel like a collector’s item, but this pen is quite sturdy. Perhaps, this sturdiness comes from the fact that the pen has a rhodium plated nib. This nib is tough. I’m telling you that I thought I had ground the pen down but looked at the nib and it flashed light in my eye it was so shiny. This is a pen that you can use for a long time and forget that it is in your hands. Yes, it may be expensive but if you want an amazing retractable pen I would go with this.

Retractable pens are excellent. They don’t require caps that get lost and end up everywhere but where you need them. If you are looking for a cheap retractable fountain pen that does twice the work for the price then I would recommend that you buy the Pilot Capless Decimo Fountain Pen. If you want a beautiful luxury product that is tough then I would go with the Nakimi.

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