Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen Review

pilot vanishing pointThis Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Fountain pen doesn’t really look like a fountain pen but more like a ball point pen due to its retractable nib function. It’s made in Japan and is available in many colours including matte black which looks cool. The other colours have a shiny lacquer finish unlike the matte look. We have a full Pilot retractable fountain pen review for you here on the site.

The Vanishing Point pen doesn’t have a traditional cap but there are rings designed to make it look like it does. At the blind cap there is the button that can be pushed to bring out the nib. The top cap has a small opening on its head from where the nib comes out.

The design of the pen is sleek and has an executive feel, very minimalist and classy with an understated feel. Indeed it is more the feel of this pen, which writes excellently, which makes this one of the very best fountain pens. The clip on the ‘cap’ is springy and helps to keep the pen in place.

The nib or the feed doesn’t draw out when the pen is not in use due to its sophisticated ramp-like mechanism that shields the nib. So when a person pushes the button, the ramp slides down and the nib emerges.

Talking more about nibs, you can unscrew the bottom of the pen and you can remove the ink convertor attached to the nib. The entire pen disassembles and you must be careful. The nib is made of 18 carat solid gold. Ink refilling can be done by dipping the entire nib unit into a bottle and turning the convertor piston. Alternatively, the convertor can be separated from the nib handle. It’s advised not to dip the nib into the ink while it’s still attached to the ‘cap’ as it’s not easy to clean the stray ink.

When you come to the writing part, you’ll notice that the medium nib actually gives you fine nib like experience. For many people, the nib is not a great one. It scratches, it is dry and it also skips. To fix this, it’s highly suggested to take the pen to a nib miester to fix it. Once the nib is fixed, it writes smooth and doesn’t have any issues. It also writes a bit darker regardless of the ink type on a normal paper. Another hindrance while writing is the placement of the clip. It is on top of the pen and makes it difficult to hold the pen while writing. Not a great thing for fast writers as it causes a lot of discomfort.

This Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain pen is only a fountain pen in disguise. It is okay to use it on a regular basis but it’s not recommended to spend much on it as it has quite a few flaws. The good part about this pen though, is that it’s very practical to use. The ink also doesn’t bleed onto the paper or even leak in general. It’s not much on the design aspect not is it great on the writing aspect. Once the nib is fixed, then it’s a good writer but otherwise, it’s an average fountain pen in disguising itself as a ball point pen.

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