Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review

parker sonnetThe Parker fountain pen is perhaps the most commonly used fountain pens from one of the biggest brands out there. Aesthetically it is very pleasing and easy on the eye, and it is easy to use and elegantly produced. This pen is hard to critique because it is one of the finest and the most practical fountain pens ever made. We have a full parker sonnet review for you here.

First let’s discuss the design, Parker’s website describes Sonnet as ‘timeless and elegant’ and it couldn’t be more right. The pen cap and the body features geometrical designs and is available in many types. There are different shades of colour and metal types available for this beautiful fountain pen. And of course the pricing varies depending on the metal type.

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen has the classic pull-off cap with the clip as the trademark of Parker—the iconic and dynamic arrow. It is hard to miss the arrow shaped clip. On the cap band, you’ll find the arrow and the ‘Parker’ name along with ‘France’ where it was manufactured. The cap fits perfectly when you post in on the back and doesn’t add any extra weight while writing. It also doesn’t get loose or slip.

The nib of this fountain pen also flashes the name ‘Parker’ along with engravings. The nib comes in an 18 carat gold plate and offers impressive rhodium highlights. Available, as you might expect, in medium or fine nib, so there is a choice of size based on what you prefer. You also have the option to choose either gold-plating or nickel plating for a different looking finish, either a gold or silver sort of look. The price will slightly vary according to the choice.

The best part about the nib width is that it is exactly what it says it would be. Fine gives the line-width of fine and medium of medium. While using the gold-plated fine or medium nib, there is no ink bleed, no scratchiness and no skipping, it writes as perfectly as it claimed it would. The nibs are also available in stainless steel that gives almost the same quality writing as the gold nib.

The ink is very easy to load into the convertor and there is no mess. The cleaning and disassembly of this pen is fairly easy. It comes apart easily and any novice can put it back together.

Coming to the writing part, like I said earlier that the ink doesn’t bleed and there is absolutely no scratchiness. The ink flows smoothly onto the paper and doesn’t change if writing fast or hard. This Sonnet Fountain pen is perfect for everyday writing. The pen is rugged and will withstand the test of time.

It writes just as well on ultra-thin paper as it does on thick paper. For these reasons, Sonnet is one of the most practical fountain pens ever made. It’s ideal for someone who uses fountain pens for everyday writing. Since the style is not the prime focus of this pen, it’s not ideal for someone looking to make a statement and use it only once or twice.

This Sonnet pen is truly the best to have for Fountain pen writing fanatics. It delivers on its promise and holds the Parker name up high. It’s not pricey and is for everyone to use.

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