Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Review

lamy 2000 fountain penMany Fountain pens have recently become more of a statement of status than a tool for writing. A reminiscent article of the past, fountain pens giving an air of old-world sophistication and splendor. The Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen is one of these writing tools that give you a blast from the past feeling. Even though it isn’t a 1945’s hand-made pen, the Lamy 2000 is still as special.

Taking it from the top, the Lamy 2000 is very appealing even at first sight. The first impression of this unique tool can only be described by the words, ‘powerful’, ‘unique’ and ‘professional’. The Lamy 2000 is not a modern-day tacky and flimsy little contraption. The pen is not covered with a series of flashy emblems and symbols. Instead that it consists of a simple yet sleek body curving smoothly without any sudden or rough dips in the design. The cap also continues this smooth curve without even as much as a hitch in the design. The matte black Makrolon material that is used to make this beautiful tool is scratch-proof to some extent and doesn’t get smudged with fingerprints, giving it a fresh and clean look always. This Makrolon body is complemented with stainless steel accents giving the pen a calm and quiet look on the whole.

The ears of the pen’s cap are a very satisfactory part of the pen and can be pressed from the top to disappear into the cap providing a sufficient space for any material to be inserted underneath meaning that the clip can be retracted to clip it on to your clothing or any file as well. The pen can be carried prominently yet quietly in your coat’s front pocket, in your shirt or in a professional pen-case.
The inking system for the Lamy 2000 consists of a piston filler with flawless construction. The perfection is complete to the point where you can’t even see the seam where the barrel connects to the upper body of the pen. It pulls ink smoothly and with ease even at the first use.

The nib of the pen consists of a 14k gold plated hooded nib that is half-hidden inside the pen making it seem very attractive to people who like a certain minimalist feel to their pens.
The pen gives mostly smooth strokes and is a pleasure to write with.

Top Features of the Lamy 2000:

  • The pen is skillfully made and very beautiful to carry.
  • It is a practical yet statement pen give it a quietly professional appeal.
  • The body is scratch-proof and smudge resistant to quite some extent.
  • If you are successful in acquiring an acceptable piece, it can be a pleasure to write with.
  • The piston filler and hooded nib give it a beautiful appearance both inside as well as outside.
  • The body is tough and warms up to the hand’s heat make it comfortable to write with. The smooth design is neither too big nor too small and is a ‘just perfect’ fit for most hand sizes.

It is true that most people have a specific and particular set of requirements when it comes to choosing the pen that best matches their personality. But this pen can prove to be an excellent companion for most!

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