Best Waterman Fountain Pens

waterman expertWaterman Fountain pens come in many different designs, they’re undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of fountain pens in the world. We’ve put together some information on the best waterman models of fountain pen to help your decision when it comes to purchasing a pen as a gift or for yourself.

To begin with, the design is what sets the pens apart with the functionality being the same. Waterman pens are a bit pricey – hence it helps to know which one would suit your needs and style before you purchase. The Waterman pens are a statement and we’ll review the designs of all of them.

Edson: This pen is available in two colours – Blue Sapphire and Black Diamond. It’s a great pen to have if you use it to everyday writing as its frame is sturdy and the ink flows really well even at an altitude. The nib is set into the barrel which furthers its sleek design. The risk of ink leakage is greatly minimized because of the complex construction of the pen.

Elegance: This pen gently merges the line with jewellery. Intricate designs on its exterior and engravings on the 18 carat gold nib make it nothing short of a sophisticated investment. This is perfect for someone wanting to make a luxurious statement while signing a contract.

Exception: Unlike many fountain pens, Exception employs a square figure (hence the name). This ensures a stronger grip while writing and its gold plated exterior makes it a fine statement. It also comes in a silver design.

Carene: The figure of this pen employs geometrical design that is trendy and elegant. The 18 carat gold nib is integrated into the body giving the look of a silhouette.

Charleston: This one is a combination of the look of vintage fountain pens with a modern twist. Charleston is one of the oldest productions of the Waterman. It has a curvy exterior and is influenced by the Hundred Year Pen.

Perspective: This pen is for the modern and trendy. The design includes a thinner overall look with parallel lines running across its entire shape. Its silver nib too has these parallel lines engraved on it. Using architecture as inspiration for the design, the parallel lines give off the image of an infinite loop.

Expert: This pen is beautifully shaped like a cigar. This pen features Parisan styling combining retro and modern look. This one is sturdy and perfect for someone on the go.

Hemisphere: This pen is much slimmer than all of the above discussed pens. It has a clean minimalistic design with a silver nib that is fashioned with engravings. The body of the pen gives a polished silk look.

All of the Waterman Fountain pens come with the choice of using an ink cartridge or a convertor. Waterman pens write really smooth without scratching the page. Being a product of France, Waterman pens require an investment to be made, but one that is always worth it.

Having discussed a little about all the pens, the best one is Edson because only that ensures uninterrupted ink flow no matter the angle, after all the main purpose of writing with a fountain pen is to ensure good writing and free flowing ink.

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen Review

waterman expertThis wonderful Waterman Expert pen is beautifully shaped like a cigar. This pen features Parisian styling combining retro and modern look. This one is sturdy and perfect for someone on the go. Waterman describes this pen as ‘Business Chic’. Waterman Expert is a great addition to the professional life and adds a personal flair to all things classy, we have a full review here for you on the site.

The cap of this pen is chrome made and is available either in silver trim or gold trim. On the cap, there are rings engraved which lends a very classy look to the pen.  The clip of the pen is shaped like a neck tie and has a perforation that runs along its length. The clip also has a ‘W’ on top of it which makes a statement. The top of the cap doesn’t have any designs or engravings. The cap band contains the words ‘Waterman’ on one side and ‘France’ on the other. The cap is a little heavy though with all the designs.

The body of the pen is round and about average size, i.e. not too thick and not too slim. It has a black shiny lacquer finish. There is a ring that separates the bottom cap with the rest of the body.  It’s really great to hold and doesn’t slip.

This pen employs a standard steel nib which has engravings on it, like most of the Waterman Fountain Pens do. The nib is available only in two sizes that are fine and medium. The fine nib is the one that is used more commonly and many people prefer it for the ease of writing.

This pen is best used with a giant ink cartridge. But a convertor works great as well to use a different cartridge. Bear in mind that the cartridges or the convertors should also be from Waterman. This ensures the absolute best in compatibility as well as quality.

This pen needs to be held at the correct angle for the ink to flow smoothly. And once the writing is started, the ink doesn’t skip no matter how hard one writes or how fast. It’s very smooth and feels great in writing and doesn’t have any ink leakage. The ink flow is consistent and reliable. The fine nib doesn’t starve or skip or choke while writing.

The only drawback of this pen would be the pull-off cap. The cap is heavy and over a long period of time the cap has been known to become a little loose and slip off. Also, when you post the cap on the back of the pen, due to its weight, it throws off the writing balance. It can be jarring for some. For some fountain pen users, the steel nib will also be a drawback, because a gold nib is much smoother than a steel nib. Most of the pen’s design is concentrated on the cap.

The Waterman fountain pens are a bit pricey but they are a long term investment and will last indefinitely if used properly. The Expert pen costs anywhere between $120 and $150 (the prices may not be same depending on the region).

Waterman Hemisphere Review – Fountain Pen for the Masses?

watermanhemisphereThe Waterman Hemisphere is an affordable and durable fountain pen perfect for professional writers. It has a slim and stylish body and the metallic color of the pen gives it a nice shiny finish. The nib has a medium sized width that tapers to the end and allows a good flow of ink during writing. The pen has a slightly bulky body that makes it difficult to hold during fast writing; however the overall weight of the pen is acceptable.

Look of the Hemisphere:

The Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen comes in a variety of colors, but personally the one I think of as the most classy is the gray metallic. It has a body made up of stainless steel that is metallic in color and makes it easy to stand out among other pens. The nib is firm and strong but is slightly longer than the other traditional fountain pens, so it may break during fast writing.

The overall length of the body is 6.9 inches and the width is 2.7 inches. It has a steel rim around the cap and the body. The Pen is thick in the middle, which makes the grip on the pen difficult to bear for longer periods. The body of the pen tapers at the end. The other editions of the pen are available with a cap that has straight lines embossed throughout its circumference. I personally did not like this pattern, but it depends on every one’s taste.


Overall, the Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen worked excellently. The pen works great for italic writings and as compared to other bulkier pens, in fact, it’s quite easy to write in slant curved italics.

waterman pens logoThe body is made up of metal which is not a problem even for sweaty hands. The smooth body of the pen allows a good control over the pen. The pen is flexible and works fine with medium rate writers. There is less friction between the pen and the paper; however, I recommend you use it on a good quality paper to increase the life of the nib. Even when your pen has malfunctioned or has broken due to natural causes, there is nothing to worry about, because the pen comes with a Waterman Life-time Warranty. The Waterman service is satisfying and they answer almost all your queries to the use of the pen.

Maintaining the pen is very important for its longevity. Always get the pen refilled with the recommended ink company and clean your pen’s cartridge every week. When holding the pen, apply less weight on the nib which helps the ink to flow while writing.

Waterman Hemisphere Price:

Varies across sellers, but can be available for as low as $54.99. The pen comes in a beautiful gift box with a cap, a body, and an ink cartridge. Make sure you have received your copy of the receipt and warranty card when receiving the package.