Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review

parker sonnetThe Parker fountain pen is perhaps the most commonly used fountain pens from one of the biggest brands out there. Aesthetically it is very pleasing and easy on the eye, and it is easy to use and elegantly produced. This pen is hard to critique because it is one of the finest and the most practical fountain pens ever made. We have a full parker sonnet review for you here.

First let’s discuss the design, Parker’s website describes Sonnet as ‘timeless and elegant’ and it couldn’t be more right. The pen cap and the body features geometrical designs and is available in many types. There are different shades of colour and metal types available for this beautiful fountain pen. And of course the pricing varies depending on the metal type.

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen has the classic pull-off cap with the clip as the trademark of Parker—the iconic and dynamic arrow. It is hard to miss the arrow shaped clip. On the cap band, you’ll find the arrow and the ‘Parker’ name along with ‘France’ where it was manufactured. The cap fits perfectly when you post in on the back and doesn’t add any extra weight while writing. It also doesn’t get loose or slip.

The nib of this fountain pen also flashes the name ‘Parker’ along with engravings. The nib comes in an 18 carat gold plate and offers impressive rhodium highlights. Available, as you might expect, in medium or fine nib, so there is a choice of size based on what you prefer. You also have the option to choose either gold-plating or nickel plating for a different looking finish, either a gold or silver sort of look. The price will slightly vary according to the choice.

The best part about the nib width is that it is exactly what it says it would be. Fine gives the line-width of fine and medium of medium. While using the gold-plated fine or medium nib, there is no ink bleed, no scratchiness and no skipping, it writes as perfectly as it claimed it would. The nibs are also available in stainless steel that gives almost the same quality writing as the gold nib.

The ink is very easy to load into the convertor and there is no mess. The cleaning and disassembly of this pen is fairly easy. It comes apart easily and any novice can put it back together.

Coming to the writing part, like I said earlier that the ink doesn’t bleed and there is absolutely no scratchiness. The ink flows smoothly onto the paper and doesn’t change if writing fast or hard. This Sonnet Fountain pen is perfect for everyday writing. The pen is rugged and will withstand the test of time.

It writes just as well on ultra-thin paper as it does on thick paper. For these reasons, Sonnet is one of the most practical fountain pens ever made. It’s ideal for someone who uses fountain pens for everyday writing. Since the style is not the prime focus of this pen, it’s not ideal for someone looking to make a statement and use it only once or twice.

This Sonnet pen is truly the best to have for Fountain pen writing fanatics. It delivers on its promise and holds the Parker name up high. It’s not pricey and is for everyone to use.

The Best Everyday Use Fountain Pens

Mr animalIn this period of time that could be termed “the Age of the Ballpoint” or even “the Age of the Tablet with Stylus” – fountain pens are becoming more and more archaic. Although you can still find enthusiasts who use fountain pens for personal communications, such as letters and invitations, the everyday fountain pen user is seriously difficult to find. Yet there continue to be people who prefer to use an ink contraption for their memos and messages, cheques and other areas of life where written communication is required. For them, the following collection of hardy, everyday pens are a great idea, combining both quality and longevity.

Parker Vector Classic SS Chiseled Medium Point Fountain Pen

A Parker pen of any variety is bound to add class to your prosaic memos. But the Vector series are ideal examples of everday use pens, which are not only sturdy but also long-lasting. They can take a beating and a lot of overuse but they will not give up on you. This particular pen has a stylish steel look with chiseled pen top, making it look elegant in addition to classy.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Charcoal Broad Nib

Lamy pens are known for their durability as well as their excellent quality. Not only is this pen worth every dollar being put into it, but the characteristic modern style makes it recognizable as a quality pen.

Pelikan P67 A Pelikano Junior Yellow Fountain Pen

This Pelikan pen is perfect for young ones starting out with fountain pen writing. It is good enough to use every day and neither the nib nor the body spoils easily. Can be a little scratchy when used on low quality paper, but otherwise perfect. The chunky feel and the rubber grip mean that it is easily held by smaller hands, and the bright colors in which this series is available make it appealing to children.

Pilot MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen, Matte Gold with Lizard Accent, Medium Point

Pilot pens are usually both cheap and reliable. While most pilot pens are of the disposable variety, these are quite the reusable pens. Not only do they provide smooth writing, but this series of animal collection pens are stylishly made, with ‘accents’ inspired by different animals. It is a useful and good-looking pen for the price.

Sheaffer No Nonsense Fountain Pen

Sheaffer makes high quality pens that are usually very expensive, but this pen is one of the more affordable varieties. While it doesn’t have the classy Sheaffer build, it is nonetheless a very usable, everyday pen. You could lose it and buy another without much heartbreak or hurting your budget.

Fisher Space Pen, X-750 Space Pen, Matte Black

This ‘space pen’ is purported to work in the most extreme of conditions, including outer space, freezing cold or burning heat. Although it is unlikely that most of its users will be in a position to test its usefulness in such scenarios, the pen provides sufficient workability in everyday use. A favorite for the simple person who wants to add a bit of elegance to life.

Fountain Pen Improvements in Recent Years

vintagepensIn recent years, new models and types of fountain pens and nibs have been released. Over time, many brands and models of fountain pens have been seen as luxuries, status symbols enshrined in cases and very rarely used; many other pens are used everyday. In recent years, the availability of good gold and steel pens of high quality for a reasonable price have become available, such as the Parker IM Fountain Pen. Available for around 20$, the Parker IM gold pen has a stainless steel nib and is noted by users as having the same quality when it comes to writing as more expensive fountain pens by Parker and other companies. Recent improvements to pens have also brought a new gamme of lower cost, higher quality pens to the European market, long a market of high cost pens.

Another recent improvement when it comes to fountain pens is the invention of disposable fountain pens, and their increased presence on the market. Pilot has an example of a good disposable fountain pen, the Pilot Varsity. Retailing for around 5$, the Pilot Varsity is available in traditional black and blue coloured ink, in addition to an array of newer, brighter, more fun colours, such as green, purple, and pink. The Pilot Varsity delivers the style of writing that a fountain pen does, with a similar look, without the cost. While the outside of these disposable fountain pens doesn’t closely mimic the traditional, more expensive pens, the final product of the writing is fairly similar. One advantage to pens like the Varsity is that you don’t have to carry around a heavy fountain pen, or worry about losing an expensive fountain pen while on the go. Users enjoy the price to quality that this pen delivers, and the colours it is available in.

Another new product that comes as an improvement to the world of fountain pens is the invention of the Pilot Petit Mini Pens. These pint-sized fountain pens are easy to use and even easier to transport, and come in several different colours of ink. This product line includes not just pilot pens, but also felt tip pens and brush pens. They are an excellent way to have several different colours of ink on the go at once, and are a great introduction to writing with pilot pens for beginners. They allow you to writing some some style and panache, without the risk of making mistakes or making a large investment.

A new type of nib has found its way to the market in recent years, made of titanium. These nibs have a good, spring feel when writing with them, and are very durable, titanium being a strong yet flexible material. One example of a titanium fountain pen is the Monteverde Invincia Titanium Fountain Pen, which retails for around 75$. It writes very smoothly, provides ink smoothly with no splots or jams, and is designed in such a way that it has a nice, solid, heavy feel but at the same time is light and flexible enough to write beautifully with.

These are just some examples of new materials, technology and styles that have brought new types of fountain pens to the market, and improved upon existing ones.

Parker Vector Fountain Pen Review

parker vector fountain penA pen has always been a symbol of strength and civilization among the human race. With the help of this miraculous weapon called “pen” human beings have conquered. One of the greatest tools known to mankind is the pen, and this is up there with the best of them.

There are many companies and brands around the world that are famous for producing top quality pens. But “The Parker Pen Company” has always been considered different from all of them. Producing top quality Parker vector fountain pen, The Parker Pen Company has always satisfied millions of people around the world with its high quality work.

What is a parker vector fountain pen?

The Parker vector fountain pen is a top quality pen produced by The Parker Pen Company. First introduced in 1981, the simple and soft design of first ever Parker vector fountain pen gained huge success at that time and has ever since maintained its high level of quality up till now.

There are four main models of Parker vector fountain pen available in the market with hundreds of different designs and attractive colors. Whether you are looking for a fabulous gift or preparing for the first day in college, the Parker vector fountain pen is available to make your life special with plastic and steel models.

Features of parker vector fountain pen.

The pen is reviewed at over a 4/5 on Amazon, so you won’t go far wrong. Let’s take a more in depth look at some of its features.

Before purchasing anything, every person will take a moment to look at the features of that object. Some of the features of Parker vector fountain pen are mentioned below that will help you decide whether the Parker vector fountain pen is right for you or not!

  • Parker vector fountain pens are available in plastic and steel materials with fabulous designs and attractive colors.
  • Parker vector fountain pens are available with sleek and stylish bodies with cap on and off opening procedure, which provides it an elegant yet simple look.
  • Each Parker vector fountain pen is available with a complete two years warranty. The Parker vector fountain pen will be replaced or repaired by the company, free of any cost, if any manufacturing defect is found.
  • Special effort is made on the nibs of the Parker vector fountain pen during the manufacturing procedure. The nibs are made from finest quality stainless steel, which makes the writing experience more easy and comfortable.
  • Parker vector fountain pens have dual feature of ink refilling. They can be used with ink cartridges or can be converted to ink bottle refill very easily.

Reviews of the Parker vector fountain pen

Some of the mixed reviews of different people about Parker vector fountain pen are mentioned below. Through these reviews we can easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of Parker vector fountain pen.

“This Parker pen is cheap and slim which makes it easily accessible to the common man.”

“Ink cartridges that come with Parker vector fountain pen can fit very easily and comfortably in the pen”

“The writing with Parker vector fountain pen is very smooth but the metal section of its body can be a little slippery”

“The nibs of Parker vector fountain pen are easy to clean”

I would definitely recommend this pen to anyone who wishes to enjoy his writing experience to its fullest extent.

The Best Parker Brand Pens

parkerjotterWay back in 1889, a man whose name has become synonymous with pens got his first patent. At that time nobody thought that it could last long but to date almost everyone knows George Parker, the man who started the premium, luxury line of pens that everyone has heard of. Now Parker has been making premium quality writing pens for a very long time. That being said, Parker (being the best pen manufacturer) has introduced many lines of pens, to widen its target market and provide the customers with something in every demographic and for every budget from beginners to pros to calligraphers and more. Even as you read this text you might be having memories about the first time you held your Parker pen in your hands.

The jotter is among the best and definitely most popular pens by Parker, for it is also the best-selling pen of all time. The best thing about the jotter is that it doesn’t cost that much by the standards of the world of luxury and vintage pens, everyone can afford a jotter and it features the classic design built with stainless steel. It comes in different colors like red, black, blue and white, providing something for everyone. The jotter starts from $5.69, and makes a great gift at a great price point for a Parker.

Moving on, the Sonnet line of pens is also one that the brand are proud of. Featuring contemporary design with very fine tailoring topped with contemporary finishing, they proudly boast Parker’s unique and unmistakable design methodology. Exemplifying the exquisite detailing techniques of the detailing of the finely cut 18k gold and the stainless steel nibs, the detailed and beautiful feathering of the iconic arrow clip and its perfect feel in every owner’s hand, the Sonnet is a must have for all and any pen enthusiast. That being said, the Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Gold Trim Rollerball Pen is timeless, but still manages to be of the moment. Combining timeless designs with ergonomics, the Sonnet allows you to write beautifully and it feels very comfortable in your hand.

Moving on we have the Limited Edition of the Duofold Mackie Fountain Pen. Featuring hand painted precious metal dust and a twist off cap, this pen costs an absolutely whopping $2,174. Parker only made 150 of these beauties, so with that kind of exclusivity, who wouldn’t want a premium quality pen by the best pen manufacturer in the world. You’ll have the bragging rights not even the most expensive Parker pen holder will have, if you can afford it that is. With it you can write in style and boast your writing at your workplace.

Now if you are truly a pen enthusiast, and money is not really an issue then the Parker Esparto Gold Fountain is the perfect option for you. Available at a huge price tag of $13,000, the Esparto Gold Fountain pen boasts a swanky solid 18kt gold nib. That being said it is a true wonder pen, for your inner geek it has a Harry Potter Wand, for your inner lady a Mary Popping carpet bag, etc. The best thing this pen brings is a status symbol and the ultimate bragging rights. Inheriting the design techniques evolved over centuries, this pen is a sight to behold. Not only that but it writes very nicely and gives the quality you would expect for this kind of money.

These were some of the best Parker pens from their whole portfolio. There is a multitude of pens that can be considered the best for their design and ease of use but that totally depends on you. You can rely on Parker for quality, and there is a reason that they are probably the most famous brand in the entire world of pens. Now the purchase might be totally dependent on your choice but if you are planning to give away some Parker pens make sure to make the most of your budget and brand the pens.

Best Fountain Pen Kits

fountainpenkitWriting is not only a necessity for some people but a passion, the feel of a nib against paper brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of artistic and creative people, it helps them to express their feelings and ideas in a form of art. They’re also useful in the world of work and business, what businessman is complete without a reliable pen? Even in this modern age of technology, almost everything that people do whether at work, in the office, or somewhere else involve writing. No wonder various writing tools evolve continuously; However in spite of this, one kind of pen remains to be undisputed champion no matter how technologies change. And these kind of pens are popularly known as fountain pens.

Probably the best fountain pen kit on the market is the Parker Urban Kit, which comes with everything you need to get started using a fountain kit, and I mean everything, includes ink, the pen itself, cleaning cloth and even a booklet about how to use a fountain pen effectively:

Another option for those of us who are interested in the more artistic elements of using a fountain pen is the Sheaffer Calligraphy Kit, which includes multiple nib sizes and information on how to get started in calligraphy.

The first appearance of fountain pens can be dated way back in 953 BC when a Moroccan Caliph demanded a writing tool that doesn’t stain clothes or hands and delivers ink from a nib. From then on, the production of fountain pens continued to evolve through time allowing people to experience a durable, fast-note taking writing tool which they can use for their paper works. However, due to the innovation of fountain pens, it’s important that you understand and know which type of pen suits your handwriting style best as it comes in various forms, styles and sizes. Writing can be tiring sometimes but by choosing a fountain pen that complements your penmanship best, you’ll definitely be inspired and motivated to write more. If you’re a writer or an aspiring one and you find it hard to determine which fountain pen suits you best, try to check out its filling mechanism and the nib as these two factors are the most essential part to consider in using a fountain pen. If you’re up for something that’s perfect to write smoothly and fast, then it’s ideal for you to have a fine nib. Plus, it doesn’t leave too much ink on the back of the paper so this kind of nib is certainly good for students who take down notes.

The good thing about today’s generation is that there’s a huge selection of fountain pens to choose from such as the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Parker IM Fountain Pen, Pilot Metropolitan Fine Writing Fountain Pen. It’s almost available in different colors and designs so people would definitely be interested to buy one for them. Whether you’re looking for a green one with a medium-sized nib or a fancy pen with an extra fine nib, it wouldn’t really be hard for you to get those at it’s readily available in all stores and school supplies worldwide. Because of such massive trend, some people think it’s very crucial to select the right fountain pen for them as it kind of reflects the kind of personality they have. Once you  have mastered strategies and techniques on how you can find the best fountain pen you can use for writing, the next thing you should consider to find are the best fountain pen kits. There’s also a wide array of choices when it comes to kits depending on the kind of style you want to have for your personal use.

The Best Fountain Pen Inks

fountainpeninkA good quality pen is essential for beautiful handwriting, but unless you have a good quality ink to go along with it, you might not get optimal results. The best inks can be quite pricey, but are worth the price. Some experts recommend using the same brand of ink as the pen you’re using, but this is not necessary, and converter ink cartridges can be filled with different inks that work just as well, even if they’re not the same brand.

Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Kon-Peki, Deep Blue, Turquoise Blue

This is one of the best inks available on the market. Although a little pricey, it is still a wonderful option because of its ability to add a smoothness to any handwriting. It is also the only ink available in such a wide range of colors – everything from black and deep blue all the way up to more exotic colors like teal, orange and deep pink.

Sheaffer Skrip Bottled Ink, 50 ml.

One of the cheaper inks available on this list, despite belonging to the world famous Sheaffer brand. Although meant to be used with sheaffer fountain pen cartridges, it can be used with other pens. The blue of this is much darker than the blue available for other inks like Pelikan or Parker Quink, and it writes as smoothly. The bottle shape prevents spillage and is easy to use to refill pens.

Montblanc Ink Bottle Midnight Blue

Montblanc pens are extremely pricey and high qualiuty, so it comes as no surprise that the Montblanc inks are on the higher side as well. That being said, the ink is a very high quality type and writes well, quite beautifully. In addition, the ink bottle’s structure has an extra well on the side which makes it easier to use when filling up ink.

Pelikan 4001 Ink 62.5 ML/2 Ounce – Royal Blue

This is another ink that is on the cheaper side but also provides great quality. It can be used with most pens and in this case it has a bright blue color. If you’re looking for a good everyday ink to use with your pen then this would be a good choice.

Parker Super Quink Permanent Ink for Parker Pens

This high quality ink can be used in most kinds of pens. It does not ‘feather’ on low quality paper, but it can be a little too strong and bleed through thin paper. On the other hand, it is on the list because of its smooth quality, and its lubricating ability, which means it not only flows through pens but also keeps the pen ‘healthier’ and doesn’t get stuck or dry while in the pen. Best for use with Parker pens only.

Waterman Serenity Fountain Pen Bottled Ink, Blue

This ink is beautiful and dries quickly. The blue in the ink dries to an actual deep blue color, instead of a blackish hue. It also works with almost any of the pens you should care to use. The price is also reasonable, and quality wise it is much better than other inks available at the same price.

For some slightly different options and a very informative video about the best fountain pen inks, check out the video below: