The Montblanc Starwalker Fountain Pen Reviewed

montblanc starwalkerUsing the Montblanc  Starwalker pen for the first time was an amazing experience. Even opening the case for the first time was excellent. Why? The case is beautifully designed.  It truly has the grandeur and beauty of a Montblanc product. Now the pen, the pen, what can I say about such an excellent object. How about this? When, I held the pen in my hands, for the first time, I had to stop and gaze at it. I had to make sure that this stream-lined, aerodynamic tool I held in my hands was actually a pen, so I had to stop gazing in wonder and use it.

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Wow. What a pen. It is not merely the heft of the pen that stands out to the person who uses the Starwalker for the first time; it is also the flow of the thing. This is a pen that grazes across the page. I would use it for a few minutes and I would find that the smallest movements of my hand would create such wonderful beautiful lines across the paper. This is an incredibly smooth writing pen.  You don’t need to worry about gaps from this pen or holes in this paper. This pen simply does not stop with its surprises. You have no need to worry that the pen is simply going to eject ink everywhere and make the paper and your hands very wet. No, this pen writes quickly and dryly. You will sit down and be amazed by its’ prowess. Perhaps, the reason this pen writes so well and so quickly and so beautifully is because of its nib. I have a medium nib pen myself and I found that when I wrote with it I could create the most wonderful curves in my c’s and s’s without needing to stop for a second. Of course, as per usual, this excellent nib is fourteen karat. The Montblanc  logo is beautiful etched upon this nib.

Also, filling the pen is very easy. This pen has a cartridge filler and whenever I use it I find that my pen is filled quickly and nicely.  Usually for me, filling a pen is a really agonizing and horrible process leading to a huge mess. However, with this pen not only did that not happen but the pen was filled very well as well. In fact, in the time I used it, I only had to fill it once. This pen really can take a lot of use.

The Starwalker pen is an excellent Montblanc pen. From its’ style which merely foreshadows its’ beautiful presence, one’s mind is constantly blown when using this wonderful and amazing product. I think that once my hands touched its’ excellent design, I must have known that I was about to sue a wonderful product. It’s good to know that this initial thought was a correct one. If you are looking for a pen that you will fall in love with, then look no further than the Starwalker.

Montblanc Bohème Fountain Pen Review

Montblanc BohèmeEverybody knows about Mountblanc pens, they are known for how well designed they are. They have had this reputation for years. I decided that I needed to find out if this reputation was deserved. So, I simply went out and bought myself a Montblanc pen. The pen that I bought was the Montblanc Bohème. I spent quite long time writing with the pen, and now, I think I can assure you that this is one of the best writing instruments that I have used in a long time. This is a pen that can make a person’s jaw drop simply due to its’ design, then make a person gaze in shock due to its’ performance.

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When I first used the pen, I was surprised by how the pen felt in my hand. Was this truly how a Mont blanc was supposed to feel like? Yes, yes it was.  I should not have been surprised by the wonderful heft that made me feel as if I was holding something both solid and light. Writing with this pen was like skating on a frozen pool. I only had to lightly press on paper and my thoughts slid out of the nib. What a nib it was.  It was an eighteen-karate gold nib that had been plated with rhodium. This meant that even though the pen was hard, it wrote soft. Again, this is simply one of the wonderful paradoxes that make up the pen. It should be heavy but it feels light. It should slip out of your hand it looks so sleek but it stayed firmly in my grip. When I wrote with this pen, I did not need to pause often and stretch my hands the way I do when I use most pens. For some reason, this pen quickly fit my hand and made writing a joy as opposed to a chore.

Filling the pen was also incredibly simply because it used a cartridge. I can use converters and do like using them, but this cartridge was convenient and simple. Filling the pen did not take a long time at all. I found myself filling and writing quicker than you could say this sentence. So, not only was this writing tool incredibly easy to use, I was also able to use it quickly again when it ran out of ink. Of course, it did take a long time for it to run out of ink, but that hardly seems like a problem at all.

Yes, the Bohème is truly a pen that represents the best part of the Montblanc name. It has a wonderful, flawless design. The grip the pen has is paradoxically wonderful. Again, the pen seems as if it should be too heavy, but yet it was wonderfully light. Writing with it was not a difficult task at all. I found myself spreading my words left and right with an ease that I have not experienced in a long time. This is truly a pen for a pen-lover.