Best Pens for Lefties

uniballIt’s very well established that all the pens are not meant for both lefties and righties. Using the wrong pen can result in real issues. Lefties will happily tell you about their disasters in the exam where they filled paper after paper with ink blotches and smudges. Being left handed means you have to give the purchase some thought, luckily for us, it’s not 1990, when we only really had pens for right handed people, you can easily find loads after loads of pens for lefties at your local stationers and on online stores like Amazon and eBay. When you get a specifically left handed pen you don’t have to worry about different writing techniques to prevent making a mess which means you can introduce freedom into your handwriting. For instance you won’t have to hook your hand, which needed quick dry ink. The pens mentioned in this article are some of the best pens, as vouched for by lefties from all over the world.

On the top of the list is the Pilot EasyTouch Pen. Featuring fine-point, the Pilot Pens always allow lefties to write as fast and as smooth as anyone else. The Pilot Pens are designed to prevent any unwanted smudging and ensure that the paper always stays clean. No matter how fast you write you can write at ease. Easily available, you can find these pens at your local stationer’s and they are not expensive at all. With a price tag of $6.99, this pen is a great option for all the lefties out there.

Moving on, we have the Uniball Jetstream 101. With special ink that is developed to bind with the fibers of the papers, no lefty will have a smudging problem while writing. Now this feature is not only good for lefties, but it also makes retrospective alterations very hard. Users of the Uniball Jetstream 101 are very happy with it and recommend it to all their fellow lefties. The ink literally dries in a second, there is nothing more alluring to a lefty than instantly drying ink. Starting with a price tag of $6.25 you can find it at your local stationers and of course online at what is a very reasonable price.

Now we have The Fisher Space Pen of which there are numerous models. These pens were designed to write in space, that being said when lefties write they are pushing the pen across the paper. So The Fisher Space Pen allows for easy writing for lefties and in unconventional positions. Users commend the design as it is very easy to carry and most importantly prevents smudges. Now the Fisher Space Pen provides with all the great features of the first two manufacturers, but as it was designed to write in zero gravity these models can come with a slightly more hefty price tag. Still, it’s a cool story to tell your friends when they ask about your pen though!

So the next time you are out on the market looking for a gift for your left handed friend, make sure you get them something thoughtful and practical like this. It is not only a practical gift but also a very sentimental one too.

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