Best Fountain Pens under $100

watermanhemisphereWhile the most expensive fountain pens can set you back thousands of dollars, there are quite a few fountain pens of excellent quality that are available for under a hundred dollars. The following selection consists of pens from major famous fountain pen companies, so quality is definitely guaranteed, regardless of which you buy. What remains are merely differences in details and personal preference.

Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel GT (Gold Trim) Fountain Pen Fine

This beautiful pen is from the famous company, Waterman. The pen itself is made of brushed stainless steel, making it slightly heavy, and in addition it has 23K gold trims. In contrast, the handle area is made of black, which looks fabulous against the silver of the steel and the gold tips. The nib style allows a fine stroke, and the effect is one to grace any handwriting.

Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pens with Cartridges, Black Matte Finish with 22K Gold Plate Trim

Not only does this set include a gorgeous Sheaffer high quality fountain pen, but it also includes ink cartridges. In appearance, this is the pen on the list that I would personally pick if I needed another pen. The gorgeous matte finish black of the body looks startlingly handsome in combination with the 22K gold plated edging. In functionality too, this wins; the writing of the Sheaffer nib, slightly thick in this case, is exactly the kind I prefer. There are also grip pads at the side of the pen, which allow easier and better grip.

Pelikan Tradition Series 150 GT Fine Point Fountain Pen, Black

While Pelikan is not as famous a company as the others on this list, this pen makes up for that by being both classy in appearance and excellent in use. The fine point nib is great for those who prefer that style of writing pens, and the green band on the black body make it look very stylish. There is a piston filling mechanism for ink filling. This is probably the lightest pen on the list here, but the design makes up for it. In addition there are also 24K plated gold rings incorporated into the design, which is the highest karat of gold plating on this list. Despite that, this is an everyday pen for use in all situations, adding a bit of class to all your written communications.

Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel GT Medium Point Fountain Pen

How could this list be complete without a Parker? The company has been my favorite for the past several years. This Sonnet pen is part of a range of gorgeous Parker pens that have all the distinct sophistication of the brand, and in addition a beautiful and classical feel to each. This is also stainless steel, like the Waterman above, and similarly the gold trims are 23K. In fact both pens look quite similar, except the Waterman is slimmer in design and the Parker Sonnet has a chunky feel to it. The nib in this pen is also gold plated, which adds to its beautiful design. A wholly exquisite pen.

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