Month: September 2014

Pilot Namiki Falcon Collection Fountain Pen Review

pilot namiki sideJapanese luxury pen producers Pilot Namiki have been creating high quality stationary products since 1918. Over this time they have built a reputation for finely engineered and elegant fountain pens. The Falcon Collection is one of their most recent ranges and is no exception to this tradition.

The range retails on Amazon for between £120 and £260, the differences in price are largely down to the materials of the nib. The cheapest ones are finished with full gold plating. Obviously this is very pleasing aesthetically but unfortunately ink sticks to gold very easily, meaning you will have to frequently clean the pen. The more expensive models have rhodium plating on the nib, which ink doesn’t stick to so readily. The other differences are in the pen’s ink capacity. The pricier models have larger ink barrels meaning you will have to refill them less often. The pen can be purchased in either a soft fine, medium or broad design.

The Falcon Collection is not targeted to one particular use. A quick read through of customer reviews will show this pen is incredibly versatile. It can be used for fine calligraphy, as a durable ‘everyday’ pen or for delicate sketching and drawing. The key feature of the Falcon is its flexible ‘hooded’ nib. Although far from being ‘soft’, the aim is to provide a compromise between balance and rigidity. Applying different levels of pressure alters the thickness of the line produced to the extent you can stop the release of ink whilst still guiding the pen over the page. This might take a bit of getting used to for some users and the diversity of applications might be irrelevant to those looking for a specific function, but it is a key contributor to the pens diversity of uses.

The pen is finished in single colour black resin with gold trimming. The gold components (nib and trimming) are 14 carat giving a truly wonderful sense of quality.

Pilot namiki

The pen weighs a reasonably light 454g. As with the flexible nib, this lightweight is something that some users might need to adjust to. Ultimately desired weightings of a pen are completely subjective, dependent on the preferences of each user. Obviously it is possible to adjust to the idiosyncrasies of most pens, but it is worth considering some of the more specific features of the Falcon Collection before investing.

The Collection is compatible with either a piston based refill system or cartridges. The pens can be completely deconstructed for cleaning and maintenance meaning the careful owner can get years of use out of it. The range comes delivered in a customised black gift box and includes a warranty from the manufacturer, although the length of this warranty depends on the model.

Ultimately, the Falcon Collection is aimed at versatility, a pen that can be used for fine writing or sketching. It is worthwhile for those looking to invest in a long term piece of luxury stationary although some may choose to look for something tailored for more specific needs.