Month: May 2014

Fountain Pen Improvements in Recent Years

vintagepensIn recent years, new models and types of fountain pens and nibs have been released. Over time, many brands and models of fountain pens have been seen as luxuries, status symbols enshrined in cases and very rarely used; many other pens are used everyday. In recent years, the availability of good gold and steel pens of high quality for a reasonable price have become available, such as the Parker IM Fountain Pen. Available for around 20$, the Parker IM gold pen has a stainless steel nib and is noted by users as having the same quality when it comes to writing as more expensive fountain pens by Parker and other companies. Recent improvements to pens have also brought a new gamme of lower cost, higher quality pens to the European market, long a market of high cost pens.

Another recent improvement when it comes to fountain pens is the invention of disposable fountain pens, and their increased presence on the market. Pilot has an example of a good disposable fountain pen, the Pilot Varsity. Retailing for around 5$, the Pilot Varsity is available in traditional black and blue coloured ink, in addition to an array of newer, brighter, more fun colours, such as green, purple, and pink. The Pilot Varsity delivers the style of writing that a fountain pen does, with a similar look, without the cost. While the outside of these disposable fountain pens doesn’t closely mimic the traditional, more expensive pens, the final product of the writing is fairly similar. One advantage to pens like the Varsity is that you don’t have to carry around a heavy fountain pen, or worry about losing an expensive fountain pen while on the go. Users enjoy the price to quality that this pen delivers, and the colours it is available in.

Another new product that comes as an improvement to the world of fountain pens is the invention of the Pilot Petit Mini Pens. These pint-sized fountain pens are easy to use and even easier to transport, and come in several different colours of ink. This product line includes not just pilot pens, but also felt tip pens and brush pens. They are an excellent way to have several different colours of ink on the go at once, and are a great introduction to writing with pilot pens for beginners. They allow you to writing some some style and panache, without the risk of making mistakes or making a large investment.

A new type of nib has found its way to the market in recent years, made of titanium. These nibs have a good, spring feel when writing with them, and are very durable, titanium being a strong yet flexible material. One example of a titanium fountain pen is the Monteverde Invincia Titanium Fountain Pen, which retails for around 75$. It writes very smoothly, provides ink smoothly with no splots or jams, and is designed in such a way that it has a nice, solid, heavy feel but at the same time is light and flexible enough to write beautifully with.

These are just some examples of new materials, technology and styles that have brought new types of fountain pens to the market, and improved upon existing ones.